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Together, we develop solutions that are right for your business. Through our consulting partnership, we will inspire your people to make their best contributions – every day.


Our story

ITALO CONSULTING provides development consulting services to national and international clients, in the areas of economic development, communications and public outreach, local government financial management, Italo Consulting s.r.o. is a growing Czech company offering consulting services and technical assistance to local and international clients - both in Czech Republich and abroad. Founded by a diverse group of Italian and international development professionals, ITALO CONSULTING has delivered development consulting projects in Prague and the surrounding region since 2016, applying our trademark methodology of taking a simultaneous, "bottom up - top down" approach to analyzing and solving development issues. Our experts and consultants deliver practical and sustainable development solutions, tailored to the development environment and the client's requirements, respecting local capacities, and getting the most efficient use from project resources.

Our vision is to become a leading Czech and regional development consulting firm, distinguished by the quality of our services, and known for delivering timely, tangible benefits to our clients.

What we offer


we are a value-driven and performance oriented company. We support the top management of our clients in addressing the major challenges and seize the opportunities for growth, by adhering to the highest professional standards. In compliance with these standards, we always advance the interest of our customers to that of our company.


At the heart of our philosophy there has always been the customer's needs. That is why the work we do every day is geared to the achievement of specific and individual goals, in a changing and constantly changing context. Studio Italo Consulting offers personalized advice for anny accounting, tax and corporate needs, thanks to a network of qualified professionals connected to the study and to a serious and strategic approach to customer satisfaction.


We guarantee our customers a high level of service, characterized by excellence. We work with them to solve the most complex issues, develop and implement the proposed solutions and produce strong impact results. Our approach is geared to results.


To ensure our indipendence and objectivity, we have chosen to administer our company as a worldwide private partnership, which allows us not to respond to the other shareholders, but only to our customers and ourselves.

Let's work together

Clients are assisted by the negotiation phase in the writing of typical contracts and acquisitions.

Professionals working within the Studio have gained a longstanding experience in commercial and legal matters relating to real estate, commercial companies, buildings, hotels and companies.

The contract and administrative consultancy service is provided both nationally and internationally thanks to the collaboration with distinguished colleagues who are equally competent in this field. Custom solutions for real estate property management in Prague.

Italo Consulting Professionals in Prague deal with the legal and tax aspects of the matter, without neglecting the opportimities of efficient financial solutions that practice offers and imposes. In particular, the Studio has gained significant experience over the years in the acquisition and sale of real estate assets and their management, offering a management package including multiple custom services tailored to each customer's needs; As well as investing in personal assets through the purchase of real estate assets in Italy or abroad.

The experience of the Real Estate Property Management Studio is to deal with cases of planning and protection of family and individual assets. This activity is carried out on the basis of the possibilities offered in national and international terms by the existing financial, tax and contractual legislation. The experience gained in direct contact with the most advanced regulations on the subject also allows to deal professionally with the delicate theme of the generational passage and the creation, within the family of entrepreneurs, of the cd. "Family office".

The Studio has developed concrete experiences regarding typical solutions also from other jurisdictions that sometimes come up with appropriate adjustments, such as ad hoc solutions for Clients. Along wills the specialized activity in the field of taxation, corporate and more generally of the cd. "Estate planning", then the Studio has a specific expertise in the field of accounting and asset development control, which develops in parallel with the activity provided by the specific financial advisors and the client's asset managers.


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